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Snow ❄️

A bit more snow from Christmas and Boxing Day, everything looks beautiful covered in a blanket of fresh snow!

New Chicken Coop

Out with the old, in with the new! I know this isn't Bed and Breakfast related, but I thought I would do a blog post on our new 'offgrid' chicken coop here in Telegraph Creek.   Our old chicken coop had a dirt floor, so it wasn't that great for in the winter(the...

Stunning Colours in Telegraph Creek!

It was a mild November here in Telegraph Creek, compared to previous years.  It has been “very easy on the wood pile.”  This morning it is -10c, and it is showing some colder temperatures in the forecast. Enjoy the photos of the beautiful colours here in...

Stikine River

The Stikine River. September 2019


With the fall colours, and fresh snow on the mountains... I couldn't resist taking THIS picture!! 🚁 Enjoy! 

Rose Hip leaves and rainy days.

It has been a rainy October here in Telegraph Creek, with little sunshine. We are still enjoying the Fall Colours!

Fall is here! 🍁🍂

The trees across the river are starting to change colour. We have not had a frost yet, but it has come close; the last few mornings we have had +1, so the wood stove has been going in our home! The horses are pretty fuzzy looking these days. Fall is definitely my...


                   I took a peek at our rhubarb patch the other day; and there it was! RHUBARB!!!   In a few weeks time, there will be rhubarb pie.. rhubarb cake.. rhubarb muffins.. rhubarb panna cotta.. roasted...

Spring time in Telegraph Creek!

Spring is here! It was a very long winter, but we made it.  Things are slowly greening up- not as green as it used to be, but the green is there and it is amazing to see!    Some of the tree's that burned are starting to bud out- it wont last long, but it looks very...

July is here!

July is here already; this summer is going by so fast! Thankfully we have had some good weather, the strawberries are loving it. I am having to pick strawberries every day- we will enjoy the berries over the winter months to come! I am wondering what you do with your...






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