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Good food and good company are two of life’s simplest yet greatest pleasures.

I welcome you to my piece of paradise!  I have been living in and loving the beautiful Telegraph Creek area since 2006, when I left my other remote home in the Nass Valley. After completing a Culinary Arts course, life decided this is where I would end up. 

Growing up in the Nass Valley (100KM North of Terrace, BC) on a small farm, I was fortunate to enjoy and experience a life of horses, open spaces, finding a love for photography, appreciation for home grown and raised food, and walking away with some awesome kitchen skills from years of some amazing farm cooked meals. 

When not baking, or snapping photos, I thoroughly enjoy the unpredictable events that living out in the remote wilderness brings. I am the proud mother of a three year old little boy, Timothy. I love that he is every bit as excited to play outside or help me with chores, as he is to just be a little boy watching is favourite cartoon, or having a quiet nap in the warm sun. My other “children” include two lovely horses and three dogs and two cats who are enjoying their retirement.

Though the days are filled with lovely and positive happenings, this area was not without strife. In 2018, the Alkali Lake Forest Fire past through our property and the village of Telegraph Creek. Many homes and structures were lost, however my family stayed behind and fought to save our home and cabins with tremendous effort, love and many tears. Though or scenery has changed, we are looking forward to continue to develop the property and are still in the midst of clean up! One of the simple pleasures is going for a walk and seeing the green foliage slowly poking out of the soil; regrowth at its’ finest.

The Bed and Breakfast business was a long time dream, and now with two fully operational rental cabins, the future is quite exciting with more growth in the horizon. I am fully off-grid, running off of solar panels most of the year and charging the batteries in the dimmer winter months. I grow plenty of my own vegetables and fruits, and also have some lovely free-range chickens who provide some tasty eggs. Eventually I will have some pigs, goats, meat birds, and other animals on the farm.

I am honoured to offer my guests to take in the fresh air, enjoy the warmth and welcome of a cozy wood heated cabin, the comfort of homemade baking and cooking, and to step away from the constant hum of “busy”. My home is your home, and I look forward to you enjoying this piece of paradise as much as I do. Hopefully years down the road you will be talking with someone who will joyfully say “I once stayed at these beautiful cabins in a remote wilderness;
a place called Hyland Creek…”