New Chicken Coop

December 7, 2019

Out with the old, in with the new! I know this isn’t Bed and Breakfast related, but I thought I would do a blog post on our new ‘offgrid’ chicken coop here in Telegraph Creek.   Our old chicken coop had a dirt floor, so it wasn’t that great for in the winter(the moisture was the biggest problem). It worked great for the few years we used it- repurposing an old building that was once used as a small hydro system by a previous owner, we had no other use for the building and it did it’s job. 

Our 30+ chickens free range during the day in the warmer months, but need a safe place during the night as there are predators that can come in and take them.   We use gill net web across the top of the run, which works great. 

For our new chicken coop, we used a unique product…read our review about Liquid Rubber Paint below and see the results for yourself!  



Liquid Rubber Paint! We were quite happy with the results, and we have plans to use it on future projects.    Liquid Rubber is a bit thicker than normal paint(kind of like greek yogurt consistency), but very easy to roll or brush on.  We used Geo-Textile for every single corner, crack and seam. We used it around the window frames, and the door frame.(see pictures below)  Our goal was to have a ‘water proof’ chicken coop, so it would be easy to pressure wash when cleaning time came; no wood rot in this chicken coop! and also no place for any bugs to hide.

The building itself is 8’x16′. We painted the inside of the 8’x12′ chicken coop(we made a little 4’x8′ room for hatching chicks in the future).  We ended up using 10 gallons(40 litres) of Liquid Rubber Sealant, which did 5 coats in total, 4 of them being pretty thick.   We brushed extra where we put the Geo-Textile as well.

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant(White)
4″ Geo-Textile(High Strength Reinforcement Fabric) for the corners and seams!
2.5″ Angle Brush
4″ Bristle Brush
– Regular paint roller(with long handle to reach the ceiling) & Tray (this is something we already had on hand)

Here is their website:   From there, you can shop by product, or shop by project. They shipped right to us in Telegraph Creek with no problems, and customer service was great.  We highly recommend this product. 

Check out this slideshow showing the painting process! 

Getting all of the corners

First Step- GeoTextile!

First Coat

First Coat

First Coat

A chicken coop with a view!

Getting ready to move the old coop out of the way

Waiting for it to dry in-between coats (usually 12 hours)

One more coat after this

Good ventilation is key in a chicken coop!

Happy Chickens checking out their new home!