Spring time in Telegraph Creek!

April 7, 2019

Spring is here! It was a very long winter, but we made it.  Things are slowly greening up- not as green as it used to be, but the green is there and it is amazing to see!    Some of the tree’s that burned are starting to bud out- it wont last long, but it looks very beautiful in the sunlight(picture posted above).

All of the snow in the yard is gone now, aside from a few piles here and there.  The mud isn’t too bad, but the dogs can sure track the dirt into the house! 

We had a long stretch of sunny days, but these last few days have been more cloudy and not as nice. We haven’t had to run the generator to charge much, so that is a bonus. 

It’s nice to hear the chickadee’s, the robins, and various other birds chirping and singing about. I’ve been filling the bird feeders and we seem to be getting more and more lately. There was not a single bird here all winter(aside from the Eurasian Collared Dove who lost it’s mate to a hawk), the birds are sure nice to have around.