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July is here!

July is here already; this summer is going by so fast! Thankfully we have had some good weather, the strawberries are loving it.
I am having to pick strawberries every day- we will enjoy the berries over the winter months to come! I am wondering what you do with your strawberries?

I made bagels a couple days ago and the guests just love them, it is a new recipe I tried out and I think I will be sticking with it!
I will be making some more today- they freeze so well! Pictured below, are plain and then “Epicures Everything Bagel”- its very yummy!

 I just wanted to share with you, the view from the top of our hiking trail! It takes approx. 30 minutes to reach the top, once you are up there there are chairs and rocks to sit on, while you take in the view!

We hope you are enjoying your summer! We look forward to having you stay here with us, or even if you are just passing through, stop in to say hello and have a cup of coffee!

Goodbye May, hello June!

Stingy Mountains with some fresh snow!

It’s hard to believe that May has come and gone!  We have officially been open for over a year now, it’s just crazy how time flies.    We have met so many amazing people, and heard so many stories and made many new friends!  Our guestbook is filled with so many wonderful little notes, I always enjoy reading it after a guest leaves.
Things are quite green around here, and its lovely!  The snow is all gone from Blueberry Mountain, and there is still a bit left on the Stingy mountains.  For a few mornings in a row, there was fresh snow on the Stingy Mountains. With the wind blowing through the valley here, it was quite chilly, and the stoves needed to be lit to take the chill off! Thankfully it seems warmer outside and we’ve even been leaving the door open. Thankfully the bugs have been very minimal- we haven’t even had to put any bug spray on the horses yet!

 Our Crab Apple tree is in full bloom and the bee’s are buzzing away. Our dog, Rose, enjoys sleeping under the tree during the day. 

I was checking out our strawberry patch the other day, and I saw this blue egg! Silly Robin…

Rhubarb, Sunshine, and a little snow!

Happy spring from Telegraph Creek! The horses are shedding, the dogs are tracking mud into our house, the robins are here and the snow is gone! (Whoooohoooo!) Aside from a few patches, our yard is pretty bare! I see green grass poking up in places, it’s pretty amazing! It was a pretty long winter, with -40c temperatures and not a lot of sun; we let the horses out into the pasture yesterday and they of course got a taste of the fresh green grass that was poking up! 🙂

I took a peek out at the garden and noticed the rhubarb is poking up out of the ground! I had totally forgotten about rhubarb… so in a few short weeks we will be feasting on the first Rhubarb pie of the season.

The other morning we had woken up to fresh snow on the mountains; it had poured rain all night and was a bit chilly out! We are still having to light the wood stoves to take the chill off inside.

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